Movie Pass — The Uber of Theatrical Film ticketing services is reporting something tipped off by film fans on Reddit and other online movie fan web forums, that Movie Pass, the “disruptive” package deal film ticketing service, is blocking “Red Sparrow” ticket tales in many markets in some theater chains.

The suggestion is that this is “hard ball” on their cut-rate/cutthroat bulk buy ticketing push, aimed at some studios (Fox, in this case) and theater chains that aren’t AMC (My least favorite, in terms of quality of experience, etc.).

A real Richard move there, and while one does sense that the parking lots of your local multiplex have more cars and there are more butts in the seats, especially in off-traffic days, this is the Deal with the Devil Movie Pass wants exhibitors (theater chains) and distributors (studios) to make.

“Cut us in on ticket sales and concessions, or we’ll shut you out.”

As with AirbNb, as with Lyft and Uber, our mania to get a deal and take the most convenient “new” path to a desired end is cutting somebody’s throat, something that’s not in the advertising for the service, the app, etc.

Data mining is, of course, only one of potential downsides to this innovative means of propping up theater attendance.

As with illegal online streaming and downloading, a cut-rate short-cut “service” is inviting folks who find ways to abuse the $10, all these movies pricing structure. 

There is no victimless crime in illegal downloads, there’s no short cut to “all the movies you want to see for one low, low price” that won’t gut the movie business/cinema chains in the short run. The margins on most movies now is a lot narrower than it used to be, and the break-even point for the big ticket films is so high that another cut to their total take hurts.

But go ahead, sell it all to Netflix at fire sale prices.



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  1. idk if this pertains to what your talking about Roger but, I used my Movie Pass on Red Sparrow on Thursday night, opening night for Red Sparrow and I didn’t have any trouble with Epic Theaters excepting my pass for the film. This is very interesting though.Thank You for Sharing.Skip

  2. StanLeeKubrick says:

    Blocked “in such markets as Washington D.C., Southern California and Virginia to name a few”….
    I had no problems using MoviePass for Red Sparrow in Richmond, Virginia. I was also able to use Moviepass for Black Panther on opening night. So far so good….I have seen 14 theatrical releases in the month of February alone! I say get Moviepass and use it lots!!!

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