Next Interview: Questions for Robert Redford? Anyone?

ImageHonest truth? Ask any guy with a sailboat, and this is the romantic image he had of himself that made him go out and buy one.

Dashing, wind-lashed, hair flowing in the breeze — Robert Redford at the helm.

“All is Lost” is an almost-dialogue free drama, a metaphysical interior thriller about a man at war with the elements and a crippled boat.  It is “Gravity” at Sea. Which is not a bad thing.

Redford, at 77, plays a character too caught up in recovering from one blow after another to fret over his own mortality. But that’s exactly what he’s contending with.

Questions for the screen legend in what could be his last best shot at a Best Actor Oscar, Robert Redford? Comment below, and since I live on a sailboat myself, I’ve got that corner of the interview covered.

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3 Responses to Next Interview: Questions for Robert Redford? Anyone?

  1. Liz says:

    Robert Redford is a superb director, actor and overall artist. I’d like to thank him for all he has contributed to our nation with his work and activism. I would like to ask him, what was more challenging for him in the making of this beauty of a film… physically, emotionally or mentally?

  2. Valerie B says:

    All is Lost must have been a very challenging movie to make especially physically… I don’t know how anyone could endure long hours in the water… How long did it take and was it exhausting? From the trailers, it looks like an Oscar nomination is predictable! I hope so.

  3. Ward says:

    Is there a particular day of the shoot that stands out as more intense?

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