Box Office: “Gravity” soars to $50 million opening


The right comparison for “Gravity” and its box office potential, the experts said, was “The Heat,” the last big Sandra Bullock blockbuster. And they predicted a $40 million weekend accordingly.

Wait, I said. The best comparison is not to big Sci-fi openings? Not “Avatar,” as in sci-fi EVERYONE is going to want to see in 3D?

A big Thursday night and blockbuster Friday ($17 million) are suggesting that $50 million, as I predicted, is going to be closer to the mark. A short, 90 minute film on a ton of screens, many in IMAX and most in 3D, it could blow up further on Saturday and Sunday, based on word of mouth.

Which is bound to be great, because every critic in America cannot be wrong. Especially not me (OK, feeling my oats this AM).  It cost abut $100, so Warners is learning what a safe bet Alfonso Cuaron can be. And remember, Alfonso insisted to me that EVERYBODY see this in IMAX 3D with Dolby ATOS sound. You have your orders.

“Runner Runner” is bombing. Fox must have re-cut this mess and decided, at some point, to give up on it. It may hit $8 million, says.

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