Weekend Movies: Will great reviews translate to “Gravity” defying box office?


Reviews are breathless, which is fitting. And not just from me.

But will “Gravity,” Alfonso Cuaron’s intimate, real-time real scenarios space epic, have the box office to match the critical huzzahs?

 Variety says “Yes,” with a $40+ opening for the 3D movie. It’s short, it will show many times in many theaters, it is in 3D (higher prices) and on every IMAX screen available, and it has great hype and big stars. I think that’s low.

But Box Office Mojo also figures low $40s for this Bullock/Clooney classic.

Box Office Guru correctly points out that Sandra Bullock’s summer comedy blockbuster “The Heat,” a mediocre film, pulled in $40 on its opening. That seems to be what everybody is basing their projections upon. Bullock’s star power.

It’s science fiction, GREAT science fiction. It has fanboy hype AND Bullock drawing power AND 3D and IMAX ticket bonuses. I figure $50+. Then again, blog traffic is a big indicator to me how much interest there is in a film. Do fanboys hate Bullock more than they love Cuaron and sci-fi? Sunday night we’ll know.

Reviews for “Runner Runner” have warned viewers of the stench of this chopped up, miscast mess. Will it do 10-$11 million, as some are predicting? I don’t see it.

“Cloudy/Meatballs” will fall off this weekend, hopefully “Don Jon” won’t.


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