Box Office: “Riddick” leads a weak weekend, clears $18 million reports that Vin Diesel sank some of his “Fast & Furious” millions into reviving this franchise, which was Code Blue back in 2004, when “The Chronicles of Riddick” came out and tanked.

So he made it and Universal (“Fast/Furious” connection 2) decided it wasn’t up to summer snuff, so they slipped it out in early Sept. — the movie island for unwanted toys.

And it did maybe as much as $19, more likely $18 or so. Not awful, but not break-even money. Since it cost under $50, it’ll make its cash overseas.

“The Butler” closed in on $100 million. “We’re the Millers,” a dog of a hit, reached $123 million.

“Salinger”, the new doc about the reclusive “Catcher in the Rye” author, opened OK in a few theaters.

“Instructions Not Included” added hundreds of screens but made considerably less money than its opening weekend, despite that.

“One Direction” took a dive. A one-weekend wonder for the one or two hit wonders pre-fab Brit boy band.

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