Weekend Box Office: “Man of Steel” loses some altitude — will it still set the record?

Thursday, prognosticators were suggesting the Superman reboot “Man of Steel” would blow up the box office with a $150 million take — Thursday through Sunday midnight.

Friday evening, the huge Friday take was pointing to as much as $132 million U.S. by Sunday.

Saturday night? Maybe not so much. Maybe $125. Still enough to pass “Toy Story 3” in the June opening weekend record books. But with all those 3D screens, and it being what, a whole month since the last comic book blockbuster, $125 seems a gimme.

We’ll know more Sunday, but right now, things have settled down a bit in the “Steel” game.

“This is the End” is looking like a $34 million (since Wednesday) hit. It cost a lot less than the “Man of Steel” budget of $250 million, even though they did stage the end of the world for that one.

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