“Internship” fallout? Warners drops “Dumb & Dumber” sequel

There’s an old saying in the biz, ageist, yes, but held to be a great truth about movies.

“Old guys can’t do comedy.”

Garry Marshall spent his last decades as a director proving it. And it has come true for the Farrelly Brothers, too. Whatever oomph they had in their 30s is long gone.

The same holds true with aging comic screen duos. Lemmon and Mathau were the exception. Wilson and Vaughn are still funny, but couldn’t deliver an audience. Will Ferrell and whoever may someday learn that same fact.

And the idea that the Farrellys and has-been Jim Carrey and never-box-office Jeff Daniels could revisit the early 90s with a “Dumb & Dumber” sequel? Dumb. Warners has given up on it. Since nobody involved has anything better to do, it could conceivably head to another studio. But is anybody demanding this? No.

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