Next Interview: Questions for Armie “Lone Ranger” Hammer?

ImageThe first and only time I interviewed Armie Hammer, part of the Armand Hammer Arm & Hammer dynasty, was after he’d played Billy Graham — played him well, but in a script that had no edge.

Years pass, he’s done the Winklevoss thing in “The Social Network” and “J. Edgar” and he’s been announced as co-star of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” But his biggest break yet could be “The Lone Ranger,” where he’s the naive, noble and valiant man in the man to Johnny Depp’s made-up-to-the-max Tonto.

Questions for Armie? I’m always looking for suggestions. Comment below, and thanks.

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3 Responses to Next Interview: Questions for Armie “Lone Ranger” Hammer?

  1. Which ‘Reaper’ cast member would he most like to work with again?

  2. Amy Y. says:

    I just watched the mind-blowing short movie 2081, in which Armie’s performance is absolutely brilliant. Does he have any plans for more short films like that in the future? And is there any specific kind of character that he has never played before but would definitely like to give it a try?

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