“After Earth” and the Scientology angle — Is it there?

The Hollywood Reporter found a former Scientologist willing to sit through “After Earth” and focus on its Sci-Tol talking points, evidence of Will Smith’s conversion and efforts to promote the group through the film.

A few snippets of dialogue — about “fear” and “present moment” connect it to the Travolta/Cruise religion that L. Ron Hubbard built out of his “self-help” book, “Dianetics.” But a couple of the points made there seem like stretches. “Volcanoes?” Really.

This isn’t “Battlefield Earth,” though it shares its setting with that epic fiasco.

The movie is bad on its own terms (and it is certainly much better than “Battlefield Earth”) and Smith and Son’s efforts to promote it have failed partly because they come off as cocky, rich nitwits with little grasp of science fiction, real people’s daily reality and the like. And they’ve managed to dodge the whole Daddy Buying His Son Another Screen Credit angle.

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