Next Interview: Questions for Colin Firth?

He’s got “Arthur Newman” opening next week in some cities. There’s the Coen Brothers’ “Gambit” caper picture remake. And “Bridget Jones’s Baby.” And he’s playing the writer Erskine Caldwell in a period piece romance.

Of course, Oscar winner Colin Firth will never be anything but Mr. Darcy to a generation or more of female fans, the definitive Darcy of “Pride & Prejudice” on British TV in the early ’90s.

But let’s focus our questions on the work, the life and the career these days. Suggestions? I’m always looking for help. Post your questions as comments below, and thanks for the help.


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10 Responses to Next Interview: Questions for Colin Firth?

  1. Lizzie says:

    Bridget Jones Baby has not been confirmed or even written. Why do you people keep bringing it in to any article about Mr Firth? He has films such as The Railway Man and Before I Go To Sleep which you should be talking about

  2. Aryan Jaymes says:

    Colin,you’ve got an huge career behind you, but i want to ask : There’s still some particular genre of movies or character that would you like to make?

  3. Tamber says:

    What is your largest consideration for taking a role in a film? You’ve remarked that you were interested in choosing ‘darker’ roles as of late, is that one of your primary motivators in your career currently?

  4. ferrari says:

    Bridget Jones’ baby is not even written up to now and he’s not playing writer Erskine Caldwell at present so what questions can we ask?

    • The Caldwell project with Streisand directing appears to have just gotten the green light. I see nothing written that says he’s not still attached, though that’s certainly possible. Do you have a source?

  5. carlosdev says:

    I’d like to know if he considers himself more of a leading man or a character actor.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Barbra Streisand is not attached to Skinny & Cat any longer and Rachel Weisz has replaced Care Blanchett. It is not known for sure whether Colin is still attached.

  7. Lizzie says:

    You could ask him when The Railway Man is going to be released (in the UK at least). That is a film I am dying to see,and I have heard it is awards worthy.

  8. amberina says:

    I am curious how the social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) has impacted being an actor, whether for good or bad? Also, what was Colin’s takeaway from Arthur Newman, whether an idea, thought, inspiration, etc.? And finally, regarding his writing, I am wondering if we can look forward to seeing anything in that area? I loved his short story in Nick Hornby’s collection. Thanks!

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