Next Screening: “The Iceman”

It’s no great stretch to think of Michael Shannon as a hitman. Or Ray Liotta as a hitman’s boss. But “The Iceman,” based on a true story, has a hitman’shome life (Winona Ryder plays the wife), Josh Lucas as an associate and James Franco as a guy who is appears the hitman decides not to whack. Looks like an interesting variation on a weary movie “type” and much-explored theme, the morality of a hired murderer.

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  1. doombuggy says:

    This must have been the guy I heard discussed on a schlocky talk show. Looks like a good theme for a movie. Reminds me of the trailer for “World War Z”: family guy with a bigger purpose. Kind of interesting that this theme catches some film time while many are bemoaning the decline of paternal involvement in child raising, what with the “war on men” in the courts and gov’t I’ve been reading in the Men’s Rights sphere.

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