Movie Review: “Elvis from Outer Space”

About the nicest thing one can say about “Elvis from Outer Space” is that it’s no “Bubba Ho-Tep.”

I mean, if you’re gonna vamp “The King,” you need more than a title and a premise, that Fat Elvis was rescued by the CIA and turned over to aliens who took him to a planet in the Alpha Centauri system where he got young, entertained the rest of the universe a bit, and fretted over a love child he never acknowledged and felt the need to return to Earth, aka Las Vegas, to look her up.

You need a half-convincing Elvis. Throwing him (George Thomas) into an Elvis impersonator contest with even less convincing Elvi doesn’t help.

Having them all cover “new songs” because you couldn’t afford to buy the rights to any legit music from the Elvis catalogue is just another way to remind us you had no money to make this.

And we’ve already seen the second year animation school “aliens.” We already know that.

“I hate supercilious aliens from Alpha Centauri!”

A witless script, inept direction, joyless performances and puzzling “Why would anyone think making this was a good idea?” question hanging over it are all that holds “Elvis from Outer Space” back.

It’s not so bad it’s good, not bad-funny or bad-sad even. It’s just bad.


Cast: George Thomas, Diane Yang Kirk, Lauren-Elaine Powell, Alexander Butterfield and Martin Kove

Credits: Written and directed by Marv Z Silverman and Tracy Wuishpard. A Giant Pictures release.

Running time: 1:31

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