BOX OFFICE: How far will “Sonic” sink? ‘The Call Of The Wild’ set for $17 million weekend

Projections for the second weekend of release for this “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie are as all over the place as the opening weekend’s guesses were.

Maybe it’ll manage $29 million, perhaps $40 is within reach. My guess would be the lower number.

About $1 million in tickets were sold last night to the kid friendly “Call of the Wild” co starring Harrison Ford and a digital dog. It could grab $20 million all in by midnight Sunday, but saner heads are saying $17 million.

The sequel to “The Boy” titled “Brahms: The Boy II” is on its way to a $9 million or less weekend. I saw it with two other people in the multiplex I went to last night. I figure $5 is the best STX should bank on from this dog.

“Birds of Prey” should be in the $80 million range by Sunday night. Not turning into the complete disaster it seemed at first.

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