Weekend Box Office: “Spider-Man: Far From” a flop –$93 million, “Midsommar” feels a chill

spiderThe latest Tom Holland Web Slinger outing has earned $185 million since Tuesday.

Spider-Man is as bulletproof a franchise as there is. No getting around it.

The decision to open the graphic but only faintly nightmarish “Midsommar” opposite it didn’t help the heavily hyped follow-up to “Hereditary.” Probably didn’t hurt.

I wonder how audiences are taking to it. Reviews have leaned HEAVILY on statements from the director “interpreting” his intent.

Yeah. Caught Justin Chang on NPR doing that, and misstating a plot point or two.

Whenever critics do that, I cringe.

Understandable when the work we see in the screen is challenging, and maybe not remotely as blunt as the director seems to think. But using his “spin” in a review is cheating. The film, as Kubrick always said, has to speak for itself, stand on its own.

“Midsommar” doesn’t.

Note that “The Secret Life of Pets 2” has made twice as much as the very last “Men in Black” we will ever see –$140 to $71, “Aladdin” makes bank, “Avengers” inches toward that “Avatar” record and “Annabelle” is firmly established as the big horror bit of the summer; early summer, late summer and “Midsommar.”

The girl doll has cleared twice as much as Chucky, $50 to $26.


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