BOX OFFICE: “Venom” still sucking up cash, “Star” chases it, “First Man/Goosebumps” bring up the rear

first1Film fans are not passing on warnings about “Venom” to their friends with quite the united voice critics offered. So even though Sony’s franchise-launching smash hit/bad film lost 60-65% or so of that opening weekend $80 million take, it’s on track to add another $32 million this weekend, unless Sat and Sunday collapse. As they might.

“A Star is Born” might overtake it, if there’s a Saturday plunge. It’s on pace to clear $28-29 million on its second weekend, a much more respectable 30-35% fall off in ticket sales, week to week.

Anybody who had high hopes that “First Man,” an historical film about enigmatic astronaut/engineer Neil Armstrong, Oscar bait for Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle, will be surprised that despite opening very wide, it’s not going to hit $17 million. Audiences aren’t warming up to it, says. Like Armstrong himself, they’re maintaining arm’s length affection, for it. It’s very good. Don’t miss it. 

The un-previewed yet still critically dismissed “Goosebumps 2” is doing just as well. No Oscar buzz on that one, no Jack Black in that one. It will be over $15, maybe $17 with Saturday’s take. As I am visiting a hurricane-pounded  part of the country checking on aged parents, I haven’t caught it yet. No power until this AM.

The absurdly over-rated incoherent ultra-violence aptly-titled “Bad Times at the El Royale” may clear $8 million. Probably not. And shame on those taste-impaired fangirls and fanboys for endorsing it.

“The Hate U Give” opened a teensy bit wider (limited release last weekend), and cracked the top ten (Hurricane Mikey made me miss this one, too — long story).

“A Simple Favor” is still in the top ten one last weekend, and has cleared $50 million. Nicely done.

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  1. Keith says:

    Hope your parents made it okay. That was a scary storm to follow.

    Anxious to hear your thoughts on “The Hate U Give”. I saw it yesterday and was impressed. Found it to be better than I expected. Not quite as giddy as some critics but still a surprisingly effective movie.

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