Labor Day Box Office: “Asians” come back for thirds, “Finale” and “Searching” get scraps


Those “Crazy Rich Asians” keep pulling in the audience, losing virtually no momentum, weekend to weekend, heading towards a $150-175 million total take at this rate.

Labor Day Weekend is no different from the previous two weekends, barely a 5-6% drop off, $23.7 million is projecting, based on Friday and pre-sales for the weekend ahead.

Add in Labor Day Monday and it could reach as high as $30 million. It’s officially a phenomenon. Pity the movie’s not funnier, “crazier.” 

finale1“Operation Finale,” the Israelis Get Their Man thriller about the Eichmann kidnapping, had a middling mid-week opening but seems on track to do $8 million+ over four days, close to $10 since Wednesday. A pretty good thriller, great leads, good that filmgoers are finding it.

“Searching,” a big break for “Harold and Kumar/Mr. Sulu-“Star Trek” star John Cho, is managing a respectable but nothing special $4500 per screen for the three day weekend, $5.4 million over three days, $6.7 over four. A bit over-praised, I thought — a lack of building suspense and urgency, a middling lead performance and a cheat of an ending. I still say this would should have opened the week they threw all their hype at it, LAST weekend. Or move the hype to THIS weekend.

The kid-and-his-new-gun picture “Kin” is bombing, not even cracking the top ten — $3 million or so is all it is in the process of earning. James Franco as the villain isn’t exactly a draw.

“The Little Stranger” is opening to barely passable reviews and in too few theaters this weekend to register in the top ten, and we won’t know until later Saturday if it’s making any money at all. 

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