BOX OFFICE: “Ant Man” has big, not epic Thursday, “First Purge” overperforming is projecting “Ant Man and The Wasp” managed over $11 million on Thursday, which puts it on track to do $95 million.

Great, right? Sure, “Guardians of the Galaxy” numbers, double “Ant Man” which did over $6 on a Thursday three years ago. Better than “Doctor Strange.”

Except that this one had pre-weekend projections of over $110, as high as $130. It could still wind up there, but I saw it with a half-house paying audience in Flyover, America, Thursday night. That audience, myself included? “The Quiet Ones.” I figure word-of-mouth on this one could label it “Wait for Netflix.”

Marvel is WAY overdue for its “Solo.” I panned it. And I was far FAR from alone. 

It’ll do decent box office. If the last two tedious “Avengers” could make bank, why wouldn’t it? The “audience” is a little late on the “Hey, these are all pretty much the same, the brand is totally watered down and the directing and acting are boilerplate. And the scripts?” Late late late to get the hint.

“The First Purge” cost about $13, has a political satiric edge and a blacksploitation vibe, and did $2.5 Tuesday night, over $9 million Tuesday night/Wed. 

Maybe $30, $35 by midnight Sunday? Winna winna chicken dinner.

I’ll update this as all of Thursday’s numbers roll in.

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