BOX OFFICE: “Incredibles” $180+, “Tag” over $14, “Superfly” under $6


“Incredibles 2” made it an incredible weekend at the box office, blowing up with a family-friendly $180 million+ take, when all is said and done Sunday night., which consistently underestimates the Saturday take of kids/family films, was very close to the mark this weekend after earlier prognostications of $175.

For those who haven’t heard, “Incredibles” is a dazzler and loads of fun, but it may be a downer to at least one corner of the audience. It has some pretty serious strobing effects related to its villain, “ScreenSlaver.” Viewers diagnosed with epilepsy, consider yourselves warned.

“Tag” did a little better than expected Saturday and may be close to $15 million, when the weekend’s done. A PG-13 “Tag” could have cleared $20. Just saying.

“Superfly” is slick and amoral and glossy and damned quotable, but the no-name cast hurt this one and the lack of star sizzle is most keenly felt in the leading man. Might stick around and make its money in future weeks, but it’s earned $8 since opening Wed., and the weekend was a serious bust.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor” is winning that per-screen race, still on fewer than 100 screens. We’ll see how Mister Rogers does when he’s on 500 or so.

“Gotti,” a kicked-around, supposedly unreleasable John Travolta mob bio-pic, didn’t crack the top ten. I’d better see that Tuesday, as that dog will be gone in a flash.


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