Preview, McConaughey, Hathaway go “Body Heat” with “Serenity”

No, it’s not the “Serenity” the fanboys and girls want to see.

But you’ve got two Oscar winners and two Oscar nominees in this cast, a sultry tropical setting for violence, sex and shark infested waters. So chances are, when this gets distributed this fall it won’t be “Aviron Pictures” that gets the job done.

Matthew McConaughey kind of ruined voice-over narration for himself with those damned Lincoln commercials. But he’s well-cast as yet another beach gypsy, man on the lam from…something.

Anne Hathaway goes blonde to play the femme fatale. Djimon Hounsou reunites with his “Amistad” co-star to play MM’s conscience. Diane Lane serves a similar function.

And Jason Clarke is the abusive husband who is, as we say in the nautical trades, “excess ballast.”

Intriguing. Oct. 18.



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