Preview, Garner goes “Alias Meets Taken” scary for “Peppermint”

Totally down with Jennifer Garner taking back her “Alias/Elektra” action chops, though the set-up for this Vengeance is MOM thriller is an eye roller.

Woman loses her family to drive-by punks, takes five years to “train,” and comes back to splatter their brains all over creation.

“Death Wish” is more interesting if it’s revenge crimes of an incompetent, heat-of-passion nature. “Three Days of the Condor” is a LOT more involving when it’s a guy out of his depth dealing with assassins, not somebody with that Liam Neeson set of “particular skills.” Not that I didn’t like “Taken,” but we’re hurling all these “Ex-Special Forces” dudes and women at villains, and acting “shocked” when they slaughter the to last scumbag.

A fish out of water, “American Animals” who don’t know how or want to “hurt anyone,” that’s more dramatically fascinating to me.

“Peppermint” opens in that Labor Day “dead zone” of releasing, Sept. 7.


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