Is “Infinity War” showing us “The Rapture?”

There’s an eye-opening line in “Avengers: Infinity War” in which a character is asked who his “Master” is, and he cracks something about “You expecting me to say ‘Jesus?'” or some such.

Cannot find the exact quote in my notes, but it gets a laugh.

Which makes the film’s other tidbit of Christian theology — Thor, Loki, Thanos, remember, are gods or what passes for them in comic books and comic book movies — seem like more than a coincidence.

Once you’ve seen the film and its use of this cool and apparently easily acquired effect, tell me Kirk Cameron & his “Left Behind” cohorts wouldn’t have GoFundMe approached every superchurch, from Hillsong on down the line, to pay for its use.

So, are we watching a comic book spin on The Rapture in “Infinity War”?

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