Box Office: Can “Bad Grandpa” take out “Gravity”?

The last “Jackass” movie opened at over $50 million. But then, it was in 3D.

This has been a banner year for R-rated comedies. Even mediocre ones like “The Heat” and “We’re the Millers” have cleaned up, clearing $100 million.

Sooooo, might “Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa” be set to light the box office on fire?

Box Office Mojo is figuring this R-rated prank comedy has $31 million+ in it. Really? “Jackass” as an established brand is one thing, but isn’t Knoxville and his shtick a little played out with the public?

Box Office Guru is closer to the mark, I think, in predicting a robust $26 million debut for Knoxville’s cross-country crass-fest.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Paramount’s tracking on “Grandpa” is in line with “Carrie,” as in it would do mid-teens.

I’ll lean towards the Guru’s pick of mid $20s. The TV ads are hilarious (the funniest bits are in the commercials), they’re everywhere and “Jackass” is an established brand, even if this isn’t a Jackass movie.

That means “Gravity’s” month-long reign at the box office pinnacle is over. It’ll do another $18-20, and will be close to $200 million, domestic, by weekend’s end. It should top out in the $250 range, US.

Nobody is putting much hope that Fox’s Cormac McCarthy thriller “The Counselor” has anything audiences will want to buy. Fox didn’t go out of its way to preview it to critics — booked the same night as “Bad Grandpa” in most cities — and it has no Oscar heat, despite the Oscar winners and others in the cast. If it does $10 million, they’ll call that a win.

This is the last weekend “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” will make any 3D money. “Free Birds” opens next weekend.

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