Next Interviews: Questions for Michael Douglas or Mary Steenburgen?

Say this for “Last Vegas.” CBS Films didn’t scrimp on cast, baby.

ImageFIVE Oscar winners star in this comedy about old men, lifelong pals “from the neighborhood,” gathering in Vegas to celebrate the marriage of one of their ranks.

Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline AND…Mary Steenburgen, as a Vegas lounge singer who sort of upsets the applecart.

Talking with Douglas and Steenburgen today. He’s having a pretty good year, thanks to this film and his Liberace turn. She’s had a long, delightful career that (“Melvin & Howard,” “Cross Creek”) that included working with everybody who is anybody — Jack Nicholson, Malcolm McDowell (“Time After Time”), and so on.

Questions for the on-screen “couple”? One or the other? Post them as comments, and thanks.

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