Weekend Box Office: Will “Man of Steel” set a record?


It opened to brisk business Thursday, and appears to have the sustained interest to keep that up all weekend long.

But will “Man of Steel” better the “Toy Story 3” record ($110 million) for a film opening in June? It’s on over 4,200 screens. It’s in 3D/IMAX 3D in some locations. $100 million seems a gimme. But reviews, which had leaned quite positive pre-release, have dropped into negative territory. I was indifferent on it, and most critics agree. That won’t help.

Box Office Mojo says this movie will pull in $139 million by Sunday night.

Variety figures $100 million for the weekend is within easy reach. A record?

The Box Office Guru figures this is closer to a fanboy-only picture. A lot of enthusiasm there, but with a no name lead and lesser known villain, this thing could only manage $85 by Sunday. It’ll do well overseas. But they spent $250 million making it and another $150 marketing it, according to Variety. It’ll have to.

And if it does, we’ll be on track for a record summer. “Iron Man 3” and “Fast & Furious 6” have made hundreds of millions, little stuff like “The Purge” blew up and there’s a Pixar sequel, “World War Z,”and  “Lone Ranger” and a lot of possible break-outs in July.

“This is the End” figures to do something in the range of “Pineapple Express” numbers — mid-high $30s, according to Mojo. It’s on a lot of screens, has a lot of stars (an of them really truly “box office?”) and has earned great reviews. The Guru predicts something in the high $20s. “Pineapple” did $41, and I dare say it’ll be closer to that.

“Before Midnight” opens on 900 screens and could better the take on its prequels, “Before Midnight” and “Before Sunrise.” Those earned in the $5-6 million range, total. This one could do that and more in a weekend. Great reviews for “Before Midnight.”

“The Bling Ring” only opens on half a dozen screens, and has earned mixed reviews. I loved it. Emma Watson fans in NY/LA will show up.

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4 Responses to Weekend Box Office: Will “Man of Steel” set a record?

  1. Rotmonian says:

    First off, since I was unable to leave a comment on the actual review of “Man of Steel,” I just wanted to lend my support to you for the shellacking you received from fanboys and other incomphensible fools. My beef isn’t with the film I haven’t seen, but the reactions by others to film criticism in general. There is a weird obsession out there with the Rotten Tomatoes meter–when I read comments that literally say a film is “technically” better than another film because of a RT score, it reveals a true immature view of film and the world of art criticism that surrounds it. It makes me wonder why people would read a review in the first place. There are good reviews and bad reviews, good critics and bad critics. There are shades of grey in rating art and evaluating it. These people don’t realize it is this variety in opinion that keeps filmmakers on their toes (for the most part) and the reason why we get the films that it seriously enough to succeed. And in reverse, we get great films from people who want to buck the status quo. Bottomline: it is okay to love a film that has a 58% on RT, and it is okay to disagree with a critic. Roger did not destroy this film, Snyder and Nolan let you down. Or maybe they didn’t.

  2. Rotmonian says:

    But I apologize for being off topic. I do think, despite the reviews and it being June, we will see at least $150 million.

  3. Shan says:

    I liked you review on man of steel but not able post my comment there. i exactly agree with your review. Actually after watching man of steel ( transformer ripoff) i revisited superman returns which was actually very good. It actually has RT 75 and your review was good too even great tarantino gave thumbs up yet it not get where it has to. But looking at peoples response for man of steel i wonder is this how the world has turned. Am i really going to live in this world these bad movies will make billion dollar

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