Depp commits to “Black Mass” and a sci-fi picture, “Transcendence”

deppJohnny Depp had been “circling,” as they say, the film project about notorious Boston mobster, the long on the lam Whitey Bulger. “Black Mass” it is titled. And now THR says he’s doing it. Shooting it later this year. Barry Levinson will direct, Jim Sheridan is among those credited on the script, at this stage.

And the “Inception” cinematographer Wally Pfister is directing “Transcendence,” a sci-fi film that doesn’t look to be too demanding of Mr. Depp’s time. He plays a scientist who uploads the contents of his brain to a super computer, and then is killed. Will the computer have his vengeance for him?

A pretty busy year for Depp, who turns 50 in 2013.

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