Did the Weinsteins wreck “Planet Earth”?

That was the allegation of a lawsuit filed by those who put the film into production, a suit they filed a year before the film — rewritten and reshot to death — a year before it went into release.

Brian Inerfeld and Tony Leech didn’t get a credit (at least on IMDb) for the project they’d shepherded, but they did end up getting a settlement for the $50 million suit in which they alleged the Weinstein Brothers “sabotaged what should have been a highly profitable movie through a potent combination of hubris, incompetence, profligate spending and contempt for contractual obligations,” according to Deadline.com.

The film, a hodgepodge of ideas from other kids’ cartoons of recent vintage (“Planet 51,” “Toy Story,” “Monsters vs. Aliens”) seems to have been written and rewritten by committee, has barely a laugh in it and yet still managed to make $35 million (it cost $70 million, the suit says) in that kid-friendly February film desert where “Gnomeo & Juliet” cleaned up a few years back.

Was it stillborn and ill advised from the start, with the Weinsteins trying to patch it up to make it saveable? Or did they make a hash of it? We’ll never know.

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