Senate closes down “Zero Dark Thirty” witchhunt the day after the Oscars

How’s this for timing? The Senate Intelligence Committee, which had injected itself into the Oscar race by deposing Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal and others involved in the film in order to find out the source of their Killing Bin Laden info, decided that the film not winning the Oscar was all they had in mind to start with.

Which is what the filmmakers have been saying all along, a cheap publicity ploy with right wing implications.

Can’t have a film trumpeting an Obama accomplishment getting extra attention, or so the GOP lawmakers who harped on this seemed to believe.

They’ve shut down the investigation, wasting less time and money in the near future. Apparently.

I guess they’re counting on most Americans not remembering that “Argo” was a minor triumph of the (Democratic) Jimmy Carter administration.

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2 Responses to Senate closes down “Zero Dark Thirty” witchhunt the day after the Oscars

  1. tigg says:

    Not buying this theory. The film industry in general leans more to the left than the right and I dare say the number of academy membrerd who didn’t vote for this film because of the Senate investigation was somewhere south of 2. Just because many had annointed ZDT as Best Picture long before they saw it doesn’t mean a government conspiracy is required to explain its loss. Probably more people just liked Argo better.

    • Didn’t say the Oscar results were based on Congress. Saying that Congress was mad because of the film’s story and that prompted the investigation. I would agree they influenced nobody outside of the Drudge/Fox/Rush/Newsmax sphere.

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