Le Carre’s “Our Kind of Traitor” to star Ewan, Ralph Fiennes and Mads Mikkelson

As I said, I think, in my review of the very fine “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy,” when it comes to spy fiction, there’s John Le Carre, and then there’s everybody else. He’s the best, by such a wide margin that nobody else really belongs in the conversation.

So we’re going to see the follow-up to “Tinker,” “Smiley’s People,” in 2014.

And before that, the Aussies will get to host the shooting of “Our Kind of Traitor,” with Ewan McGregor starring as halfof a married couple that gets mixed up with Russian mobsters. Mads Mikkelson and Ralph Fiennes are also pretty much lined up, with a female lead yet to be cast.

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