Box Office — Will “Warm Bodies” pull “Twilight” numbers? Does Sly still have it?

OK, no way anybody expects “Warm Bodies” to do that “Zombie Twilight” impersonation and become a blockbuster that every teen girl and her mom just HAS to see opening weekend, right?

Summit released both films. And while the book “Bodies” is based on is a hit, it has decent reviews and appeals to the same demo, it doesn’t have “phenomenon” attached to it the way Ms. Meyer’s books did.

So Box Office Mojo’s $17-20 million weekend for this non 3D zombie romance is not out of line.

The box office guru is going the same way.  $18 milllion.

I think they’re both lowballing this one. It has good buzz. The reviews aren’t bad at all. It could surprise and do low $20s, I figure.

It’s Super Bowl Weekend. Things don’t typically blow up at the movies over this stretch of the movie calendar, but $20-22 million openings (“Chronicle”) are not uncommon.

That makes sense when you’re picking a number out of a hat for “Bullet to the Head,” whose demographic won’t be doing anything out of reach of a TV set for most of Sunday.

The Guru figures $9 million, because Stallone is, what, 50% better than Schwarzenegger?  Box office mojo is lowballing that one, too — under $8.

I think Stallone still pulls them in, at least to the tune of mid$teens. $13? I figure this one will sit in second place this weekend.

“Mama” will continue to make money, and I figure “Hansel & Gretel” will fall right off the table its second weekend — 65% drop.

Oscar contenders “The Silver Linings Playbook” and “Zero Dark Thirty” will stay high in the top ten.


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