Chuck Heston IS “The Last Movie Critic”


All these replays of sports events of the past filling the network airwaves this last weekend brought this image to mind.

Charlton Heston, sitting alone in an LA movie house, remembering what “crowds” look like.

What was he watching? Michael Wadleigh’s “Woodstock,” an event that celebrated a major anniversary last year, a movie Martin Scorsese helped edit.

Chuck’s got there in style, too. Grabbed himself an American convertible fresh out of the abandoned showroom.

“The Omega Man” was sort of the “rugged American individualist gun nut’s guide to surviving the apocalypse” and shaped a lot of such End Times tales to come. Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend” is the book it was based on, and Will Smith’s remake was slightly smarter, a tad more progressive and in step with the times.

Anyway, movie going’s gotten a lot like Chuck’s experience in that film. Not sure how long the cinemas will stay open. Cities like NYC and LA have already shuttered theirs. Governors may act because Washington won’t. And even without that, no multiplex can cover expenses with the few paying customers who are showing up.

AMC is facing a debt crisis as it struggles to stay open via a limit of 50 customers per theater.

Let’s hope there are still places to go see a movie when all this shakes out. For now, streaming it is.

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  1. Yes, the Omega Man has lots of practical tips for us all right now!

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