BOX OFFICE: “Angel has Fallen” battles “Good Boys” for lead, “Ready Or Not” opens to so-so business, middling word of mouth

The third film in Gerard Butler’s Scots Secret Service Agent “Fallen” series, named for radio code speak for the White House under attack (“Olympus has Fallen”) concludes with what should be a weekend at the top of the box office pyramid. is projecting a neck and neck race with “Good Boys” on its second weekend — both films tallying $14-15 million.

Box Office Mojo is saying $14.5 will win it for “Angel.”

I figure the Butler film’s branding is stronger and will push it into the $18+ range. Just spitballing here. Reviews weren’t awful for “Angel.”

“Ready or Not” opened wide Wed and managed under $2 million for the day. Not awful.

Reviews were unjustifiably rapturous for this middling horror/rich hunting the less blue-blooded satire. Didn’t quite come together for me, and audience exit polling, per Deadline, is quite underwhelming. The first ticket buyers aren’t recommending it unreservedly to their friends.

It should do under $10 between Wed and Sunday, just $5 mill for the weekend, but we will see.

The preaching/moviemaking Kendrick Brothers’ “Overcomer” opens wide and could easily best “Ready” with a $6 million+ projected opening, according to BO Mojo.

I will catch that one today, I figure.

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