“Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel” — Disney World let’s you vacay in “a galaxy far far away”

Details of the Mouse’s plans to build a “Star Wars” themed hotel have my attention.

Characters wandering the corridors. I pop assume vid screen “windows” into space at several points, a PA system of Brit accented villain’s doing announcements.

And the room service!

Of course, as any Orlandoan can tell you, what Disney World REALLY needs is a vastly expanded monorail or new light rail on property and a major buy in to Orlando’s growing rail system to get people from the airport and assorted rail hubs into the park. Our galaxy is overrun with tourist traffic.

At least the stockholders will be rich enough to afford the oxygen tanks we are all going to need when this more greedy than green company realizes how shortsighted standing in the way of transportation progress (Eisner’s Legacy) was.


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