Disney finally gets too greedy — It wants all the Marvel marbles

They bought Fox so they could retire the X-Men and revive them under their own banner.

They own the box office like no studio that has come before. And they are plainly irked at goosing Sony’s Spider-Man in Avengers movies only to have him earn a billion that Disney wants for itself.

No more “sharing” the Marvel Universe with Spider-Man. Whatever deal that allowed Tom Holland to play an Avenger, financial and otherwise, is kaput.

It is interesting to note that Disney has gambled its entire film slate on Marvel, “Star Wars” and inferior remakes of animated hits of the past. All about brands, and original content be damned. What happens when audiences reject one or two or all three legs of this tripod?

The greed is showing, and this could be the hastening of a general fatigue in the whole comic book movie enterprise. Or not.


“Sony Pictures is vowing to carry on the #SpiderMan franchise without Marvel Studios’ involvement, placing the blame on Disney for cutting the successful inter-studio co-operation short” https://t.co/DGNmZHURGS https://twitter.com/THR/status/1164021312999890944?s=17

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