RIP Peter Fonda, 1940-2019 Captain America from “Easy Rider,” award winner for “Ulee’s Gold”

A great villain in “The Limey.”

Henry Fonda’s son, Jane Fonda’s sister, Bridget Fonda’s dad.

He made one of the great Florida movies, “Ulee’s Gold,” which was the only occasion I had the chance to interview him.

He mastered beekeeping for the film, and collected honors for the performance.

I don’t remember much from the interview, but later that evening we chatted in a Tribeca bar the studio had rented for a reception.

We were talking about the public’s expectations of him, decades after “Easy Rider,” always looking to see him on a bike. He was laughing about that but appreciating the tribute, when two bikers on the other side of bar’s open French doors revved their engines. Not sure if they saw him standing there, but by God, there was your tribute.

Fonda turned to the open doors, beaming, and opened his arms wide in acknowledgement of the tribute.

I spat up my Stella Artois laughing.

Lovely man to chat with.

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