Next screening? “Scary Stories We Tell in the Dark”

CBS Films gets to cash in on the feverish anticipation for “IT: Chapter Two” with another “brand name” horror film, this one produced by Guillermo del Toro.

Based on an Alvin Schwartz novel — hey, we can’t ALL be named “Stephen King” — this one has a few recognizable names/faces. Gil Bellows and Dean Norris, Zoe Coletti is in “Skin” now in theaters, and “Wildlife” from a while back.

CBS Films did not screen this one for critics in advance, a common practice for mid-to-late August horror releases “dumped” in this slowest moviegoing month of the summer. Of course, CBS Films has shrunk so far from its original ambitions when launched a decade or so ago, they’ve probably forgotten HOW to preview movies for critics.’

So I will catch it, first showing, tonight, with the rest of horror fandom.

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