Next Interview: Questions for John Travolta?


JT has this thriller, “The Fanatic,” that Fred Durst (Yeah, THAT Fred D) directed about an obsessed movie fan who crosses the line…several lines…in pursuit of an autograph from his ill-tempered, bullying idol (Devon Sawa).

A violent parable about celebrity, obsession and how easy it is to recreate Hollywood Blvd. in Birmingham, Alabama.

He’s doing mostly indie, low budget thrillers these days, oftentimes not films everybody gets a chance to see.

He was good in “Trading Paint,” the lower rung racing drama I last reviewed him in.

Better in “Gotti” than the movie.

He hit his Robert Shapiro portrayal in “American Crime Story: OJ” out of the park a couple of years back.

I’ve visited him on sets, as he lives in Florida and has filmed a few pictures here, tracked him down when he got that Golden Globe nom for “Hairspray,” chatted with him about Tarantino and about Nora Ephron’s “Michael.”

Always nice to the press.

Got a question or two for him? Comment below, and thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me.

My only question is “Dude, where in Ocala can I get that SHIRT?”


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