BOX OFFICE: ‘The Lion King’ sets the all-time July opening weekend record

A $192 million plus weekend let “The Lion King” pass a later Harry Potter picture to take the all time July opening week record.

A big Thursday and huge Friday pushed it there, with a Sat fall off letting it flirt with $200 million.

“Avengers’ Endgame” passed “Avatar* as the biggest hit of all time, in unadjusted dollars.

“Lion King” mirrored that success overseas, and even though adults like it more than kids — not as cute, funny, etc. as the animated classic it is based on — it secures Jon Favreau’s status as a Disney go-to director.

Not that anything we see in this photo real animation looks or sounds as it it was “directed .”

“Spider-Man: Far from Home” took a plunge to about $20, “Toy Story 4” tailed off steeply to the low teens.

“Crawl” is doing fine — another $5, “Stuber” is plunging.

“Yesterday” is still holding audience like the sleeper hit it is. Closing in on $60 million and $75 is within reach.

“The Art of Self-Defense” didn’t dent the top ten in wide (ish) release.

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