New season, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” Eddie Murphy and Seinfeld — pure magic

Absolute peers, known each other from their beginnings, a chat among equals in every sense. Funny bits, and the show is generally at it’s best when Jerry isn’t higher status than his guest. Tries harder, let’s them be them.

Murphy? Relaxed. Lying about planning to get back into standup. Comfortable in his own skin, no “uncomfortable” questions.

Nice cars, as always. I must say, the tendency towards newer Porsches and Rolls Royces seems a tad…product placement.

More comics, Seth Rogen chuckling over moving off the Sony lot by because “They hate us” after the whole Kim Jung In movie and hack, much more.

Ricky Gervais, back and in a Roller, no less. Cackling.

“Not shy about the fact that we’ve done well.

Matthew Broderick, disarming and charming and walking his old neighborhood — DENIED entrance to a pretentious NYC coffee shop.

Driving Melissa Villaseñor around in the personification of Seinfeld’s view of collectible cars, that they’re “like toys from when you were a kid.” He puts her in a Nissan Figaro, the most toylike car of its day.

Seinfeld’s most human moment? Showing his prickly side (journalists have seen it, and Ke$ha), fuming about an unnamed comic who criticizes him to Bridget Everett. Gottfried? Goldthwait? Kindler?

Best show of its type. Why waste time with Leno? Or for that matter, Letterman?

New season’s on Netflix.

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