Preview, Netflix throws Chris Evans and Sir Ben Kingsley at “The Red Sea Diving Resort”

Netflix has a mixed bag on action pics, and that problem extends to the trailers they tend to cut for them.

This one doesn’t really sell this “true story” — and you can feel they’re leaving something out — lots of somethings.

It’s disingenuous in the extreme.

This July 31 film, “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” based on wasn’t about rescuing “dissidents” from famine and civil–war torn Ethiopia. It was about rescuing Ethiopia’s Jews from Sudan, one of several operations carried out by the Mossad (“Operation Moses,” “Operation Solomon”) etc).

Leaving that out of the trailer is either out of fear of anti-Semitic backlash or a simple acknowledgement of the overall optics of Israel bringing in more co-religionists — whose assimilation has been anything but easy  — sure seems less “heroic” than the altruism being sold here.

They’re boosting their population share of multi-ethnic Palestine/Israel, one of many ways that lead people as highly placed as Jimmy Carter to refer to Israel as “an Apartheid state.”

Timing’s a bit odd, too. Netanyahu puffing? It premieres on Netflix July 31.

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