BOX OFFICE: “Crawl” bites off $12, “Stuber” maybe $9 in another “Spider Man” weekend

stuber2Irate Conan O’Brien fans — both of them — boycotting “Stuber” over Kumail Nanjiani being a no-show on TBS this week were not enough to kill the opening weekend of the action comedy co-starring Dave Bautista.

It is on pace to clear $9 million.

“Crawl” is the winner between the two new wide releases opening this weekend, with a $1 million Thursday, and a $5 million Friday set it up for a $12 million weekend.

Both films are performing right up to pre release expectations, according to Deadline’s early AM take on the numbers. “Stuber” was picked to hit $7.5 so maybe standing up Conan paid off.

“Spider Man: Far from Home” should hit $40, “Toy Story 4” maybe $20. Yes, it is fading quicker than is usual for that franchise.

“Yesterday” is holding audience and it’s place in the top five, another $5-6 million this weekend. “Avengers” is clinging to it’s last place in the top ten.

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