Preview, Do you remember the stunning Norwegian thriller Liam Neeson remade as “Cold Pursuit?”

Well I do. But then, I’m a huge Stellan Skarsgård fan.

Back in 2014, “In Order of Disappearance” made my “Ten Best List,” a brutal story of a snowplow operator whose airport baggage claim son has been murdered. Mixed up in smuggling, or just a bystander snuffed out because of what he sees, dead is dead.

His father (Skarsgård) isn’t one of those “Taken” Liam Neeson types — a fellow “with very particular skills.” He drives a snowplow, knows his part of the world and hunts. So yeah, he has a gun.

He’s not somebody the mob he’s dealing with would take seriously or have any connection with. And he mows through those mo-fos, whose passing is detailed “In Order of Disappearance.” A righteous, visceral, pulse-pounding picture.

Neeson, a man of action in most every film he does these days, won’t be the sort of guy you underestimate that Skarsgård pulled off. Stellan was a “Dragon Tattoo” villain and does the occasion world weary cop. Seeing him figure out how to punish those who killed his kid and broke his wife’s spirit was thrilling.

This trailer? It’s got MORE COWBELL! Best use of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” since, oh, “The Stand?”

Feb. 8, we see if Liam and “Cold Pursuit” pull this off.



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