BOX OFFICE: “Halloween” chases the horror movie opening weekend record

hall2It will lose, of course. The big screen version of Stephen King’s “It” did over $123 million.

But a huge Thursday night points to the David Gordon Green/Danny McBride remake of John Carpenter’s iconic slasher tale earning $70 million on its opening weekend.  

Almost $8 million on Thursday? That’s better than “The Nun” and slightly less than “Paranormal Activity 3” — so it could do blockbuster business, or it could peak and burn off its audience by Saturday. says $75 million.

It earned mostly decent reviews. I wasn’t frightened by it, or delighted, despite the return of Jamie Lee. But you know how sentimental horror fans are, so we’ll see.

Projections point to this being the weekend that “A Star is Born” earns more than “Venom,” both will manage a take somewhere in the upper teens. “Star” has been outdrawing the lousy “Venom” weekdays. The Cooper/Gaga pic cleared $100 million Tuesday.

Redford’s “The Old Man & the Gun” opens wide enough to crack the top ten. Good reviews for that one, but will it outearn “The Hate U Give” (still in limited release) or the “Gosnell” America’s Worst Abortionist drama and push it out of top ten?





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