Preview, Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin” teaser doesn’t give away much

This May 2019 release has the same cultural minefield to navigate that the Disney Animation one did decades ago.

So the first rule for Guy Ritchie to attend to is “Don’t offend, don’t screw it up.”

I’d have preferred a more Middle Eastern voice for the treasure cave, for starters. But aside from that, this live-action musical has real “Thief of Baghdad scale and the right (digitally augmented) look.

Not a peep out of Will Smith as the Genie. I’m guessing that’ll work.

Too soon to tell if this “Aladdin” remake shows promise? Yes. The casting of an Egyptian “Aladdin” is safe, but can he sing and act? Brit actress (former child actress) Naomi Scott is Jasmine, Marwen Kenzari is Jafar, the only “name” in the cast is Will.

May 24, we’ll find out what’s up.

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