Next Screening? We see how bad/good “Venom” is for ourselves

Sony, the movie conglomerate releasing the latest Marvel picture (the “Spider-Man” universe is theirs for the exploiting), once did this crazy thing.

They showed “The Da Vinci Code” to critics all over the world at the same time — Cannes to Columbus, Manhattan to Miami.

It’s a way of avoiding critical groupthink, that shared “We all loved it” or “hated it” driven by Sundance snow, Austin’s beer and weed, Toronto’s chill or Cannes’ sun.

The shocking result of this “nobody sees it before anybody else” was almost universal agreement among reviewers that Dan Brown sucks and Ron Howard and Tom Hanks couldn’t overcome that.

“Venom” they showed Monday and Tuesday, and reviews are popping up. It’s more a slow-moving consensus — bad reviews mostly. 

That cherry-picked reviewers platforming pays off with SXSW films, fanboy product like “Bad Times at the El Royale,” and Toronto gave “A Star is Born” its ordination as an Oscar movie to beat.

I’m seeing for myself and withholding judgement, but that strategy isn’t rescuing “Venom,” which opens Friday.

Hoping for the best, love that Tom Hardy, but expectations have been lowered.

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