Weekend Movies: Will bad reviews and bad press keep “Predator” from $30 million?


You’ve heard what Olivia Munn did — call out Shane Black, who thought he’d help out a convicted sex felon pal by sneaking him into a bit part in his smart-mouthed reboot of “The Predator” franchise.

The perv’s scene was cut out of the release print of the movie (“Director’s cut, here we come!”). But will that keep you from checking out this latest “Alien Whoopi Goldberg” killer thriller? How about bad reviews?  Nooo, not just mine. Pretty much across the board — funny banter, hilarious characters, movie caves in on itself about 45 minutes in.

Box Office Mojo figures it’ll hit $29 million, and no more, thanks to the brand, the compliant target audience and the hype. It earned $2.5 million Thursday night, so Deadline.com believes $30 million is within reach.

“A Simple Plan” got terrific reviews and could have real girls-night-out legs to it once word gets around. A $16-18 million opening, with BoxOfficeMojo predicting the higher end of that range. I think it could make bank on into October — nasty/funny/empowering in a “Bridesmaids” meets “Gone Girl” (Paig Feig directed) way. We’ll see.

I liked “White Boy Rick” better than many. Actually, it’s that rare movie whose aggregate score on Rottentomatoes matches its score on the more selective, more discerning Metacritic.com.They both hit the sweet spot, “passing grade” or “fresh” rating of 61 as of Friday AM.

It won’t make a mint at the box office, Matthew McConaughey’s presence or not. $10 million if they’re lucky, $8.6 the more reasonable expectation, per Box Office Mojo. 

The low budget Pure Flix sequel to La Jolie’s Oscar bait WWII picture “Unbroken” is titled “Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” and picks up Louis Zamperini’s story AFTER he came back home after the war. He found Billy Graham. Middling reviews for this one, though I thought the star was on the money and the production values top drawer. 

“Redemption” is on a LOT of screens, and with a little push from America’s pulpits could better the $5 million opening weekend that Mojo sees as its ceiling. 

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