The End for Movie Pass is nigh


pass.jpgWhen you’re charging members $9.95 a month to see a movie a day (average price, $10 matinee, $14 and up in the evenings), the word “unsustainable” comes up.

Whatever data mining value there is in seeing what you buy tickets for, it’s not worth dollars per day, scores of dollars a month to any buyer of Movie Pass’s customer info.

Thursday night, “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” fans using MoviePass were screwed.

Out of money. Emergency loan got them back up…but tick tick tick.

Congrats on those who bought in and took them for a ride. But this was never going to work. The jig is up.

The theater chains aren’t going to eat that shortfall. The studios aren’t either. Failing that, how was this ever going to get in the black?

At least they proved that if you make the tickets cheap enough, people of a movie-going age or of a movie-loving disposition (tech/app savvy older film fans) will see EVERYthing out there.

What I’m holding out for is a Regal Beer Pass — your favorite pour at any Regal location (my favorite chain) for a fixed amount. Per month. Stella gets expensive when you see 30 movies a month.

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