Next Screening? Spike Lee’s “BlackKklansman”

This is one of the two or three movies I’ve most been looking forward to this summer.

Why? Because it could be Spike Lee’s “Comeback?” Nah, the man’s been buried and resurrected more times than Reagan.

Adam Driver’s chance to make something of the stardom he’s not really been able to wear like he’s earned it? Nope.

Five words — Topher Grace as David Duke. As in 1970s Ku Klux Klan Kingpin David Duke, the future face of the GOP, the honest one that MAGAs see when they look in the mirror in the morning.

THAT I’m dying to see. “BLACKkKLANSMAN” opens Aug. 10, and they know this Jordan Peele-produced pic has buzz, and they must think it’s good to be screening it well in advance.


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  1. I agree 100 % Roger!

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