Next Screening? “Hotel Transylvania 3”

Food for thought — Sony Animation and Netflix are the Axis of Evil, propping up the corpse of Adam Sandler’s lazy, lowbrow screen comedy career.

Nice guy. Met him, once, when he was still humble and putting forth the effort to talk to print journalists. He started shying away from that early, and no number of “You’ve never seen Adam Sandler like this” pictures — “Punch Drunk Love” to “Spanglish” to “This is 40” to “The Meyerwitz Stories” — raised his confidence to the level of “let’s talk to somebody other than Conan/Dave/Jimmy” et al.

Has he ever returned to “SNL?”

Anyway, his latter career has been a string of “make work” projects for his cronies (Spade, Quinn, sportscaster Dan Patrick) until he was sentenced to Netflix.

And cartoons. These cartoons. Lowered expectations, approaching each film as a small child, I find, helps. A small slow child…

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