Next Screening, My Audience with His Holiness (“Pope Francis — A Man of His Word”)

It opens Friday, and the Pope Picture has Focus Features behind it and Wim Wenders behind the camera — who’s had a fascinating career ranging from “Wings of Desire” and “The American Friend” to U-2 concert films and too many documentaries to name here. Wildly uneven and fascinating career, I might add. But the docs of his that I’ve seen have been as a general rule, terrific.

“Pope Francis — A Man of His Word” promises to capture the pope, not in candid/private moments so much as in the persona and example he tries to set for the Catholic and non-Catholic world.

Granted, Turkish tyrant Erdogan is in it and PermaTan John Boehner.

But the Pope himself seems a modest man, compelling figure. Should be an illuminating film, maybe even uplifting.

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