Next screening? It’s “Deadpool 2” time

So what do we know about the “Deadpool” sequel?

No, not the “Introductions,” the “new kids” in “X-Force” stuff. Change your diapers, nerds. Yeah, Josh Brolin’s yet ANOTHER Marvel villain.

And yes, Zazie Beetz is, oh, “Domino,” and is on “Atlanta” and in the indie film “Sollers Point” coming out the same week as “Pool 2.”

No, what we REALLY know is how much hilarity Fox/Marvel and the ol’Pool are hurling at us via marketing stunts, “feuds” with Hugh Jackman.

And gag TV commercials. Like this. Oh, Canada.

And this one.

So you have to wonder, “Damn. Are they giving away more laughs than are in the movie?”

Let’s hope not.

“Deadpool 2” comes out May 18.


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2 Responses to Next screening? It’s “Deadpool 2” time

  1. Deadpool was great bc of the marketing campaign and I have no doubt this will be the same. This marketing campaign almost rivals the first one.

    • “Great because of the MARKETING” would be a first in the history of cinema. They had a fun character to work with and an actor game for any promotional stunt. The movie’s still got to deliver the goods.

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